The History of Sydnor Hydro, Inc. in Richmond, VA

Our History

In 1889 Thomas G. Sydnor founded Sydnor Pump and Well Company, Inc. to construct large capacity water wells and to install pumps in those wells. While the company has grown and broadened its product lines, it continues to focus on providing equipment, construction, and service of superior quality for water and wastewater service.

Today, Sydnor Hydro actively serves municipalities, Federal & state governments, and industry, as well as commercial and recreational businesses in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our services include pumping equipment sales and installation, filtration and treatment systems, water well construction and rehabilitation as well as construction, service and maintenance of complete water systems. We also offer residential water well construction throughout central Virginia.

Sydnor has designed, constructed, maintained and operated privately owned, publicly regulated water systems throughout central and eastern Virginia, meeting strict federal and state regulations and standards. We understand the need for reliability, cost effectiveness and product quality. First hand experience has taught us the benefits of quality design and construction. As a result we know what works well and we can bring this knowledge to systems we construct for others.

Our strengths lie in providing proven solutions in water and wastewater systems. We offer equipment selection, assistance in specification preparation, and design of wells, pumping stations and treatment facilities. The Sydnor story is one of specialization, training and experience in the field of water and wastewater systems.